Terms & Conditions

1. This Agreement ("Agreement") pertains to the provision and receipt of the 'Pay Monthly Website' service ("Service") proffered by reck.app (ReckHost), a company ("Provider"), to the individual or entity subscribing to the Service ("Subscriber").

2. In consideration of the Service rendered, the Subscriber shall remit to the Provider a monthly consideration amounting to £49 sterling, payable in advance.

3. The Service encompasses the registration of a singular domain (.com, .net, .org), web hosting storage is unlimited, however email storage is limited to 25GB, but you can always add extra 25GB by paying additional £9 per month, design and development of a digital interface comprising 4 to 5 pages inclusive of the functionalities delineated heretofore. Services not enumerated within this Agreement shall incur supplementary fees, the magnitude of which shall be ascertained by the Provider.

4. The aforementioned monthly consideration shall be subject to an annual augmentation congruent with prevailing inflationary indices.

5. The Service encapsulates digital maintenance tasks not exceeding 5 modifications per month or the inclusion of 5-10 graphical representations.

6. All obligations pursuant to this Agreement shall be executed within the provider's sanctioned operational temporal framework.

7. The duration requisite for the development and subsequent amendments of the digital interface shall be a product of mutual concurrence between the Provider and the Subscriber.

8. This Agreement may be terminated by either party by furnishing a written notice one month in advance of the desired termination date.

9. The Subscriber hereby covenants to refrain from employing the digital interface for illicit activities or for disseminating content non-compliant with governmental regulations.

10. The Provider expressly disclaims any warranties, both overt and tacit, save for those irrevocably conferred by law, pertaining to the Service.

11. The Subscriber shall indemnify and hold the Provider harmless from and against any and all liabilities, costs, claims, or damages arising out of the Service delineated herein.

12. This Agreement encapsulates the entire accord between the parties hereto, superseding all prior negotiations, representations, or agreements, either oral or written.

13. This Agreement is governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the United Kingdom. Any disputes or claims arising therefrom shall be exclusively adjudicated by the competent courts of the United Kingdom.

14. By employing the Service, the Subscriber irrevocably consents to the deployment of cookies, necessitated for the enhancement of user experience and analytical endeavors. The modality of cookie management resides within the Subscriber's browser capabilities.

15. All proprietary and pecuniary data tendered by the Subscriber shall be treated with strict confidentiality, pursuant to prevailing legal standards. The Provider disavows the retention of payment gateway details, and all pecuniary transactions are mediated via secure cryptographic protocols.

16. The Subscriber acknowledges the sacrosanctity of financial details and absolves the Provider from liabilities emanating from unauthorized access or deployment of said details.

For any question or queries, you may send email to ask@reck.app.